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What Makes Our Olive Oil Special?

The best olive oils are difficult  to find in your local market or grocery store.  If you live out side of Greece or Italy, it is very likely you have never had a truly excellent extra virgin olive oil. Be warned, once you have tasted a high quality olive oil, your life will never be the same.


Truly Fresh olive oil binds with the flavors of foods creating flavors you have never imagined .  Villa Sicilia Olive Oil has That fresh, fruit-kissed, astringent quality has made high-quality extra virgin olive oils the miracle ingredient and go to ingredient of top chefs around the world.

Health Benefits

Researchers from the University of Glasgow conducted a study showed a marked change in the protein pattern of those who were given extra virgin olive oil and conventional olive oil associated with significant improvements in the biomarkers for coronary heart diseases (CAD), the most common heart disease.

Other Epicurean Delights


With the modern flare of avante garde cuisine spreading in America, technology is also playing a role in the gourmet world.  Induction, Sous Vide, Molecular Gastronomy, and even some food publicists techniques may seem more like science or chemistry class, but the results are very new, exciting, and a great way to make dining more of an experience.

Olive oil comes in a variety of forms, but Dr. Weil explains what makes a good-quality olive oil. The best olive oil is extra virgin, organic and cold pressed. It is important to protect olive oil because the compounds (polyphenols) in the oil break down when exposed to light and air, decreasing the health benefits it provides.